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Oregon DEQ 2017 Materials Management Grants now open

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) intends to award approximately $500,000 in Materials Management grants in 2017 that promote the prevention, reuse or recovery of solid wastes. According to the Association of Oregon Recyclers, "DEQ is expanding the eligible applicant pool to include federally-recognized tribal nations and ORS 190.010 organizations...

Newspapers submit plan to comply with British Columbia EPR law

British Columbia enacted extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging and printed paper (PPP) in 2011.

Recycle BC and London Drugs expand take back partnership to plastic packaging

As of July 5, 2017, recycling plastic bags, plastic overwrap film and foam packaging in British Columbia became as simple as a trip to London Drugs. Building off a partnership established between Recycle BC and London Drugs stores in the City of Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, this expansion involves four stores in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Mission, BC, to include the following plastic packaging materials:

Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) rebrands as Recycle BC

Multi-Material BC (MMBC) recently rebranded to Recycle BC, to "effectively support our operations work from a marketing and communications perspective." Launched in 2014, Recycle BC is responsible for packaging and printed paper recycling, servicing over 1.7 million households (about 97% of those in the province) through curbside, multi-family or depot collection.

First solar product stewardship law passed in Washington State

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July 18, 2017

Amanda Reykdal, Washington Coordinator – – (425) 445-4759

Washington Mercury Lights Stewardship June 2017 updates

LightRecycle is a manufacturer operated product stewardship program run by PCA Product Stewardship Inc., a nonprofit, and overseen by the Washington Department of Ecology under the state's mercury lights law.

CARE plan disapproved, California carpet recycling uncertain

On April 18, 2017, the Director of CalRecycle announced that Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)’s revised carpet stewardship plan was disapproved. CARE was allowed to continue to operate under their 2016 plan for 60 days while they submit a new plan and CalRecycle staff planned for commencing enforcement actions against manufacturers.

Australian paint stewardship turns one

May 2017 marked one year of take back operations for the Australian paint stewardship program Paintback, during which they recycled more than 1,000,000 kilograms of paint.

Producer Responsibility in France

The French ministry of environment approved in May 2017 a new producer responsibility organization for household packaging waste for 2018 (Léko), "bringing competition to the virtual monopoly Eco-Emballages has until now enjoyed." And home furniture stewardship organization Eco-Mobilier ('eco-furniture' in English) reports that it

Phone Book Opt-Out toolkit

The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) created a phone book opt-out toolkit for ease of shareability, with free content for social media and print materials (graphics, video, etc.).