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Why deposits make sense for retailers

Sept. 11, 2018 Resource Recycling: Following up an earlier article on why deposit return systems for beverage containers make sense (also known as "bottle bill" laws in the U.S.), Clarissa Morawski and Samantha Millette detail why such systems can also be a win for another key stakeholder: retailers.

Moving to a zero-waste circular economy will put cash back into people's pockets

Sept. 18, 2018 Vancouver Sun: "Next time you see a loaded garbage truck headed for the landfill, imagine that it's packed full of your hard-earned cash. In effect, it is. Every year, local governments in Canada spend approximately $3.2 billion managing 34 million tonnes of waste.

Packaging EPR's role in the circular economy

Learn about the world's best producer responsibility programs to manage packaging and printed paper: the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) will host an October 31, 2018 webinar "Global Best Practices: Packaging EPR's Role in Advancing the Circular Economy." Speakers from high-performing European and Canadian EPR organizations will explain what EPR is, how successful systems

EPR, packaging, and plastics

Recent headlines related to producer responsibility, packaging, and plastics (March-July 2018):

California enacts first drugs and needles stewardship law in the nation

The California legislature passed Senate Bill 212 ("pharmaceutical and sharps waste stewardship") in August and the governor 

LightRecycle Washington Sept. 2018 update

logo of LightRecycle WashingtonFrom January through June 2018, Washingtonians recycled 651,689 mercury-containing lights, weighing over 306,000 pounds, via LightRecycle Washington. LightRecycle, a manufacturer operated product stewardship program run by nonprofit PCA Product Stewardship Inc.

Vermont Product Stewardship Council celebrates 10 year anniversary

Founded in September 2008 by Vermont local governments, the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), and Upstream to jointly solve problems related to the management of problematic consumer products and packaging, the Vermont Product Stewardship Council (VTPSC) is celebrating 10 years of successes: "the passage of five of the state’s eight extended producer responsibility (EPR

The explosive problem with recycling iPads, iPhones and other gadgets: they literally catch fire.

September 11, The Washington Post: "But ultimately, this is an environmental problem of the tech industry's own design. And it's time they own it."

EPR laws hold manufacturers responsible for the afterlife of their products

At an August 2018 Portland meeting of recycling businesses and government staff, Waste Management's Pacific-Northwest-British Columbia area recycling director, Matt Stern, said:

Rethinking recycling: could a circular economy solve the problem?

July 15, 2018, The Guardian: "With more funding and product stewardship, the recycling crisis could turn into an opportunity."

"There’s nothing like a crisis to spur on the search for a solution.