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LightRecycle Washington update

In the first six months of 2016, the LightRecycle Washington product stewardship program recycled 580,626 mercury-containing lamps weighing 271,202 pounds. LightRecycle is a manufacturer operated product stewardship program run by PCA Product Stewardship, a nonprofit, and overseen by the Washington Department of Ecology under the state's mercury lights law.

Comment on California's carpet stewardship plan

The stewardship organization of carpet manufacturers (Carpet America Recovery Effort or CARE) submitted its California Carpet Stewardship Plan 2017-2021 to CalRecycle. Submit comments via email on the new carpet stewardship plan by Nov.

UK mattress recycling report

The National Bed Federation, the trade association representing UK and Irish bed manufacturers and their component suppliers, published its second report on the state of mattress recycling/re-use in the UK (2016 End of Life Mattress Report). The "stresses and strains on mattress recycling" identified include:

Toolkits from PSI: drug take back and phone book opt-out

The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) recently released a How-to Guide for Drug Take-Back (PDF) for managing pharmacy-based collection programs for leftover household pharmaceuticals, as well as a

Paint Recycling: More Fun Than Watching It Dry

Tired of telling residents to mix their latex paint with kitty litter and dry it out? Come to this WSRA Washington Recycles Every Day event!

Vancouver BC exits curbside recycling business

The City of Vancouver, British Columbia, ceased providing residential recycling collection in October 2016, and Multi-Material BC (MMBC), the nonprofit packaging stewardship organization, will take over services.

Medicine producer responsibility laws spreading

Four more California local governments passed extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws for safe drug disposal: Santa Barbara County, Santa Clara County, the

New Washington Coordinator

The NWPSC welcomes Peter Thermos, new NWPSC Coordinator, to the team!photo of Peter Thermos, NWPSC Coordinator

Metro Vancouver seeks mattress EPR law

In June 2016, the Metro Vancouver solid waste advisory board (PDF) agreed to write a letter to the British Columbia Minister of Environment "requesting an amendment to the B.C.

Study Shows Circular Economy Should Be 'Key Instrument' in Climate Strategy

Recycling two-thirds of municipal solid waste (MSW) can reduce annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 4% in the European Union or by 6% globally, according to The Circular Economy as a Key Instrument for Reducing Climate Change, a new study conducted by CE Delft and commissioned by KIDV.