Oregon and Washington recycling

The Oregon Recycling Steering Committee (RSC), convened by Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to modernize Oregon's recycling system, resulted in Legislative Concept 578, which would require producers of covered products to join a producer responsibility organization, submit a program plan to DEQ, and to reimburse local governments for certain expenses, among other requirements of a statewide EPR system for consumer brands and packaging producers. This is a draft concept prior to Oregon's 2012 legislative session and is expected to be revised.

The Washington State Senate Environment, Energy, and Technology committee Dec. 1, 2020 work session included a presentation and discussion of the plastic packaging report and its three primary recommendations: 1) EPR for all packaging, 2) deposit return system for beverage containers, 3) recycled content requirements for plastic packaging. A bill including these recommendations is expected in 2021. Watch video of the 15-min Senate work session.