Events: upcoming conferences and webinars

Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) Annual Zero Waste Conference

  • Date: June 21-23, 2017
  • Location: Westin Resort, Whistler, BC
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Six Classes of Chemicals of Concern
  • Date: June 22, June 29, July 6, 11am-12pm Pacific
  • Location: webinar
  • Description: This series of webinars about six families or "classes" of chemicals, from the Green Science Policy Institute, features short videos and live conversation with distinguished scientists and thought leaders. Learn more about the science of the Six Classes, where they are used, why they are harmful, and how to reduce their use in everyday products. June 22: Highly Fluorinated Chemicals, Antimicrobials; June 29: Flame Retardants, Bisphenols & Phthalates; July 6: Solvents, Metals.
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Circular Materials Challenge webinar
  • Date: June 27, 7-8am Pacific
  • Location: webinar
  • Description: The Circular Materials Challenge seeks ways to make all plastic packaging recyclable: about 13% of today’s packaging is made of layers of different materials fused together. This multi-layer construction provides important functions like keeping food fresh, but also makes it difficult to recycle. The challenge therefore invites innovators to find alternative materials that could be recycled or industrially composted. In this webinar, learn details about the Circular Materials Challenge sponsored by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), from NineSigma and representatives from EMF.
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National Pesticide Stewardship Discussion
  • Date: July 10, 10am-12pm Pacific
  • Location: webinar
  • Description: While some communities provide collection and conduct outreach about proper waste pesticide management, others lack the technical knowledge and resources to do so. These products are expensive for governments to manage safely, which contributes to stockpiles of unwanted pesticides that pose health and environmental hazards. In this two-hour webinar discussion, government and industry speakers from the U.S. and Canada will propel forward the national movement to improve pesticide stewardship. The Product Stewardship Institute and its expert speakers will assess the problem with leftover pesticides and help attendees come to agreement on goals for improving their management. Speakers and webinar attendees will work together to discuss potential solutions, identify data gaps, and ultimately develop a road map for environmentally and economically sustainable pesticide management in the U.S.
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U.S. product stewardship forum
  • Date: July 25-26, 2017
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Description: The 2017 annual forum from the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) will highlight current product stewardship trends in the U.S., focusing on packaging, pharmaceuticals, paint, electronics, HHW, mattresses, and other priority products. In Product Stewardship Institute style, each session will be highly participatory, designed for multi-stakeholder discussion of cutting-edge topics. Worldwide leaders will assess the successes and challenges of extended producer responsibility programs and provide the context needed to help us advance the product stewardship movement in the U.S.
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California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) annual conference
  • Date: Aug. 20-23, 2017
  • Location: Paradise Point, San Diego, CA
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Conference on Canadian Stewardship: EPR and the Circular Economy
  • Date: Sept. 27-29
  • Location: Le Centre Sheraton Montreal, Canada
  • Description: The stewardship landscape in Canada has changed substantially; about 200 stewardship programs now operate in Canada. Keep abreast of these developments and see a revealing glimpse of future initiatives at the 2017 Conference on Canadian Stewardship: EPR and the Circular Economy.
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Sustainable Packaging Coalition: SPC Advance
  • Date: Oct. 17-18
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Description: SPC Advance is the event for sustainability professionals across the packaging value chain to come together to collaborate, learn, engage, and ask questions about the issues that matter most for moving sustainability forward. The event is designed to inspire action and drive solutions by connecting sustainability professionals with diverse perspectives in an open, collaborative environment. Our goal is for attendees to leave with a shared sense of what’s possible, with actionable insights, tools, and best practices for integrating sustainability into core business practices. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) is recognized as the leading voice on packaging sustainability with a membership that encompasses the entire packaging life cycle.
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