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Carpet recycling grants from CARE in California

Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), the carpet stewardship organization operating California's carpet stewardship program, has grants open: Cycle 3A (Capital Improvement – due Jan. 18, 2019) as well as Cycle 2M (collections and reuse microgrants), which "will accept applications through 2019 and the application is quite short with a one-page excel budget sheet...

Jobs at GAIA

GAIA is hiring a US Program Director as well as a Global Plastic Policy Advisor to "support the movement against plastic pollution in key national and international (UN) policy spaces, via the provision of science and technical expertise, and support for the development of a collaborative, proactive, and interconnected government and corporate-facing strategy" due Jan. 13, 2019.

Fossil fuel industry worsening the global plastics crisis

Dec. 21, 2018, Teen Vogue: "The global plastics crisis... is far greater than a consumer-behavior issue, like recycling: It is directly connected to the fossil fuel industry and to climate change, as 99% of plastics are derived from chemicals found in fossil fuels.

The answer to plastic pollution is to not create waste in the first place

Dec. 26, 2018 The Guardian: "Even before China’s waste ban took effect, only 9% of plastic in the US was actually recycled. No matter how diligently Americans sort their plastic waste, there is just too much of it for the US, or any other country, to handle...

Product Stewardship in Washington - Jan. 2019

Washington state has 4 product stewardship laws (PDF) as of 2018:

LightRecycle (PDF): Washington's statewide mercury-containing light stewardship program, recycled over 4 million lights 2015-2018.

EPR: how to save money while improving our solid waste systems

An October 2018 report from Canada's Ecofiscal Commission found "that policy changes can make our waste systems—from product manufacturing to waste disposal—more efficient and less costly. The key to an efficient waste management system is getting incentives right and relying more on market-based policies."

Should manufacturers have to pay more recycling costs?

BBC, Nov. 25, 2018: The British government's "long-awaited resource and waste strategy... is expected to force manufacturers, retailers and supermarkets to pay significantly more towards recycling their waste.

According to reports, one of the key elements of the plan will be to put far greater emphasis on making manufacturers pay for the recycling of their own waste packaging.

EPR is a cornerstone to effective recycling

John Coyne of the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA), Nov. 27, 2018 in the The Chronicle Herald (Canada):

The Plastic Backlash

A long read in the Nov. 13, 2018 Guardian detailed the history of plastic and recycling in light of recent events:

"a loose alliance of oil and chemical companies, along with drinks and packaging manufacturers, pursued a two-part strategy that would successfully defuse anti-plastic sentiment for a generation.