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First U.S. municipality to require Cradle to Cradle certification for all public projects installing carpet

An article in Building Green covers news of a March 2018 City and County of San Francisco regulation (PDF) requiring carpet products installed in publicly-funded "projects like public schools, libraries, and government buildings" be "Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver or better.

Sustainable Materials Management in Oregon

"Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) is a relatively new concept. Some recycling professionals use it as a fresh way of describing the integrated waste management hierarchy... 'a systems approach to using and reusing materials more productively over their entire life cycles.'

CalRecycle delays packaging reform

In a May 2, 2018 email, "CalRecycle has postponed the release of the Packaging Reform paper in light of recent changes to China’s import policies.

Industry must share burden to reduce plastic pollution

The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) responded to the Plastics Industry Association by calling on industry "to take the next step closer to home: help California and other state and local governments in the U.S.

Innovation without consideration

An article in Recycling Today quotes speakers at WasteExpo 2018 identifying recycling problems:

British Columbia's EPR for packaging

In a March 27, 2018 CBC News article, Allen Langdon, Recycle BC's managing director, said:

Four things businesses can do to fix the plastics problem

In a February 2018 article, Ellen MacArthur, founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (the mission of which is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy), and Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, wrote about Unilever's pledge to use 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic packaging by 2025:

UK supermarkets commit to plastics recycling

The UK Plastics Pact is a voluntary commitment by UK supermarkets that by 2025 all plastic packaging can be reused, recycled or composted, according to an April 2018 article in The Guardian.

China impacting New Zealand

New Zealand needs to "not rely so heavily on exporting waste... the country could set up its own internal systems," according to an article on Radio New Zealand. WasteMINZ executive PaulEvans said:

EPR for Packaging in Mozambique

In December 2017, the Government of Mozambique approved a "Regulation on the Extended Responsibility of Producers and Importers of Packaging" according to Lorax Compliance. An "environmental packaging rate must be paid by all producers and importers of packaging." (via Global Product Stewardship Council newsletter)