Expanding Recycling and Recovery in British Columbia

The British Columbia Ministry of Environment's Policy Intentions Paper (PDF) sought public comment by November 20 on expanding extended producer responsibility (EPR) products and programs. "By regulating even more products, EPR can further reduce local and Indigenous governments’ waste management costs, make recycling more accessible for consumers with province-wide collection networks, grow B.C. recycling businesses, incent innovation, and create job opportunities." Products under consideration to be added to the Recycling Regulation "to be recovered and recycled by producers" include: mattresses, moderately hazardous products, electronic and electrical products and batteries, packaging and paper products beyond residential sources.

British Columbia already regulates EPR programs for most consumer electronic and electrical products, from flashlights to fridges along with batteries and lightbulbs, as well as paint, solvents, gasoline, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other products. However, "the rapid adoption of new trends and emerging technology has led to gaps in product coverage, such as e-cigarettes, vapes, motorized yard decorations, large drones, photovoltaic (solar) panels, and electric vehicle batteries."