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Bottle bill reduces litter

In almost one year since starting a container deposit scheme (also known as a "bottle bill" or deposit return system), residents of New South Wales, Australia, "have returned more than 900 million cans and bottles.

German packaging law

Packaging Europe, Nov. 14, 2018: When the German Packaging Law comes into effect on January 1, 2019, the new legislation will set down binding rules to increase recycling quotas and levy higher fees for packaging which is difficult to recycle (via Reloop Platform).

Manufacturers attack right to repair their products

Los Angeles Times, Nov. 16, 2018:
"preventing owners from fixing or upgrading devices on which they’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars has fueled the right-to-repair movement, which saw measures safeguarding this right introduced this year in about 20 states. None passed...

LightRecycle Washington update - Dec. 2018

From January through September 2018, Washingtonians recycled over 950,000 mercury-containing lights, weighing more than 450,000 pounds, via LightRecycle Washington. LightRecycle, a manufacturer operated product stewardship program run by nonprofit PCA Product Stewardship Inc.

Job: California Product Stewardship Council

The California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) seeks to grow their team of five and

Supreme Court lets stand California ruling holding lead paint makers responsible for cleanup cost

LA Times, Oct. 15, 2018: "The Supreme Court on Monday dealt a defeat to business groups in a closely watched California case, rejecting appeals of a ruling that requires former makers of lead paint to pay $400 million or more to clean up old homes."

British Columbia recovers 75% of packaging and paper products

Recycle BC flex packagingAccording to the recent 2017 annual report of British Columbia's producer responsibility organization Recycle BC, they collected more than 174,000 tonnes of packaging and paper product (PPP) in 2017, serving 1.39 million households in 1

Product stewardship in Washington - Nov. 2018

Washington state has 4 product stewardship laws. According to the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), California has the most product stewardship laws (9), followed closely by Vermont (8 laws) and Maine (7 laws). Oregon has two programs (paint and electronics) while British Columbia has 12 stewardship programs with more coming soon.

PaintCare awarded for environmental sustainability leadership

logo of PaintCareIn October 2018, the Northest Recycling Council (NERC) gave PaintCare, the nonprofit stewardship organization of the American Coatings Association, one of its annual