Washington Paint Stewardship Activities

HB 1376 concerning paint stewardship, backed by the American Coatings Association, would create a paint recycling program for Washington's residents and businesses. HB 1376 passed the House Environment Committee on Feb. 14 and Appropriations Feb. 22, 2017 but did not move to a floor vote prior to the 2017 session cut-off date. The bill may be taken up again in 2018, the second year of the biennium.
Watch video of the Jan. 26, 2017 hearing in the House Committee on Environment.

The bill is supported by local governments, local businesses, paint manufacturers, and environmental organizations, and is similar to legislation considered in 2015-16 and 2013-14 which did not pass.

CEO of Miller Paint, Steve Dearborn, while testifying in support of the bill last year, indicated his intention to open a paint processing facility in Washington if the bill passes, to recycle unused paint from the stewardship program and create up to 30 jobs.

HB 1376 would create a collection program for the recycling or proper disposal of unwanted architectural paint in Washington state, similar to industry-operated paint stewardship programs in eight states and the District of Columbia. The bill has the support of paint manufacturers, environmental organizations, and local governments, and Washington remains the only state on the west coast without such a manufacturer-run paint stewardship program.

Tools for Local Government Support of Paint Stewardship in Washington

The NWPSC created a sample resolution, support letter, and fact sheets for use by local governments. These Word documents can be customized for use by your local government or jurisdiction:

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