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Beyond plastic waste and the New Plastics Economy

An editorial by Ellen MacArthur in the Nov.

The future of solid waste funding in Washington state

In a July 2017 three part report for the Washington Department of Ecology, Cascadia Consulting Group researched, identified, and recommended options to strengthen the state’s funding system for solid waste management. Among the four state-level

Two more county medicine stewardship ordinances in Washington

By 2018, 60% of Washington’s population will have access to safe medicine disposal, according to Zero Waste Washington’s press release on medicine stewardship.

Mattress stewardship programs and illegal dumping

The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) stewardship organization, which operates programs in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and California, recently completed first year annual reports for all three programs and changed the mattress recycling fee consumers pay at the point of purchase. Highlights from MRC California's first year (2016) annual report:

First solar stewardship law in U.S. – learn more at Jan. 4, 2018 webinar

In 2017, Washington passed ESSB 5939, the Solar Incentives Job Bill, the first law in the nation to require manufacturers to manage and finance the safe recycling of solar units at end of life, at no cost to the owner of the product. The stewardship requirement is part of larger bill that incentivizes solar unit ownership and creates solar jobs locally.

Canadian electronics stewardship program expands to include microwaves

Of the 23 states which have electronics stewardship programs, none cover the recycling of microwaves, including neither E-Cycle Washington nor Oregon E-Cycles.

Right to Repair bill in Washington legislature

The Repair Association plans to put forward a "Right to Repair" bill in January 2018: Concerning the fair servicing and repair of digital electronic products.

Washington Mercury Lights Stewardship updates and surveys

LightRecycle collected 664,739 mercury-containing lights in the first six months of 2017, weighing 310,197 lbs. With more than 220 collection sites in Washington, including businesses and municipal facilities, LightRecycle has recycled more than two million mercury-containing lights since launching in 2015.

California enacts new carpet stewardship law

AB 1158, enacted Oct. 14, 2017, improves California's existing carpet stewardship program, according to the National Stewardship Action Council (PDF), by:

Extended Producer Responsibility in Canada

The theme of the biennial Conference on Canadian Stewardship, held in Montreal at the end of September 2017, was "EPR and the Circular Economy." In attendance were "hundreds of delegates representing business, manufacturers, retailers, industry and trade associations, municipalities, provincial and federal and territorial government representatives and stewardship programs from across North America and Europe."