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Washington passes paint stewardship bill into law

After eight years of testimony from supporters, paint stewardship (HB 1652) passed and was signed into law on May 9, 2019 (the law's effective date is July 28, 2019).

Vermont passes sweeping single-use plastics ban

On May 22, 2019, the Vermont legislature passed S.113, an act relating to the management of single-use products, according to an article in Resource Recycling.

LightRecycle Washington - March 2019 update

In 2018, Washingtonians recycled 1,271,304 mercury-containing lights, weighing almost 600,000 pounds, via LightRecycle Washington. LightRecycle, a manufacturer operated product stewardship program run by nonprofit Product Care Recycling and overseen by the Washington Department of Ecology, allows individuals and businesses to recycle up to 10 mercury-containing lights per day at sites throughout Washington – find a location near you.

Regulations, oversight, and lessons learned from Total Reclaim

Owners of Total Reclaim, the oldest and largest Seattle-area electronics recycler, were sentenced to prison for "conspiracy to commit wire fraud." According to the

Basel Convention will control plastic waste trade

On May 10, 2019, plastic was officially added to the Basel Convention, a treaty that controls the movement of hazardous waste between countries. Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, plastic waste that is contaminated will be treated as “hazardous material” rather than “solid plastic waste.” It will require prior consent from receiving countries before waste is allowed for export.

Recycled paint manufacturers form first association for burgeoning industry

April 1, 2019, Product Stewardship Institute and IPRA press release: "An alliance of North American recycled paint manufacturers has launched the International Paint Recycling Association (IPRA) to promote the quality, availability, and value of recycled latex paint.

Here's how to fix recycling

May 1, 2019 Global News: Third of a three-part series by Carolyn Jarvis and Megan Robinson investigating the state of Canada’s recycling industry and the system in British Columbia called Recycle BC.

A Vision for a Circular Economy for Plastics in Canada

This February 2019 report by Usman Valiante for Smart Prosperity Institute (PDF) provides a vision and roadmap for converting our approach to plastics from a take-make-waste to a circular economy, characterized by a flow of materials in a closed loop. Value is returned into the cyclical, productive system, rather than wasted.

Norway recycles 97% of its plastic bottles

Feb. 26, 2019, Positive News: At the Infinitum bottle deposit hub, "a startling 97% of all plastic drinks bottles in Norway are recycled – and 92% of these to such a high standard that they are used to make more bottles. Some bottles have been recycled more than 50 times already.