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Electronics EPR program recycles 15 million pounds

In December 2020, the E-Cycle Washington electronics producer responsibility program collected 1.32 million pounds of TVs, computers and monitors for recycling, raising the collection total to 15.17 million pounds (7,585 tons) for 2020, according to the Dept. of Ecology which oversees the manufacturer-run program.

New Basel Convention rules on plastic waste exports

On Jan. 1, 2021, it became illegal for 187 countries, parties to the Basel Convention, to receive a variety of plastics from the United States.

Right to Repair and Electronics

A December 2020 video from Freethink highlights the millions of pounds of electronics discarded each year, the accountability that e-Stewards certified recyclers provide, and how Right to Repair is essential to reducing the increasing volumes of unwanted electronics.

California Pharmaceutical and Sharps program to begin

California passed Pharmaceutical and Sharps stewardship bill SB 212 in 2018, the first combined law in the U.S., and after a rulemaking period regulations were finalized and went into effect Jan. 7, 2021.

Oregon and Washington recycling

The Oregon Recycling Steering Committee (RSC), convened by Dept.

Expanding Recycling and Recovery in British Columbia

The British Columbia Ministry of Environment's 

Basel Convention Plastic Waste Controls begin January 1

On Jan. 1, 2021, it will be illegal for 187 countries, parties to the Basel Convention, to receive a variety of plastics from the United States. Plastic was officially added to the Basel Convention in 2019.

EPR to move the U.S. towards zero waste

An October 2020 report from U.S. PIRG, Break the Waste Cycle: producer responsibility policies to move the U.S. towards zero waste, recommends producer responsibility as "a proven approach to reducing waste and improving recycling... Producer responsibility programs around the world have existed for decades and have successfully increased collection and recycling rates for the products they cover.

How EPR can target innovation

Resource Recycling published the third in a four-part series on EPR, the latest on Dec. 8, 2020 by Pierre Benabidès and Peter Hargreave, exploring the impacts associated with how outcomes are set: collection and recycling targets, accessibility, and other requirements.