Legislation: Oregon

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission adopted Materials Management in Oregon: 2050 Vision and Framework for Action in December 2012 to "guide the state's management of materials and waste for decades to come." The plan, available on the DEQ's website, shifts "from managing waste to managing materials through the full life cycle of design, production and use", and is an update to the state's solid waste management plan.

Status: Failed Type: Bill Date: February, 2009

HB 3060, introduced into the Oregon State Legislature in February 2009, would require the producers of covered products to submit a product stewardship plan to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Products identified include rechargeable batteries and lighting products that contain mercury. The producers must offer take back of their products at no cost to the user when the products are brought in for recycling.

The plan must include a description of the system...

Status: Failed Type: Bill Date: February, 2009

SB 598, which was introduced February 2009, did not pass. This bill would have required drug manufacturers to establish take-back programs for prescription and nonprescription drugs from consumers, at no cost to the consumer. The program must be approved and is regulated by Department of Human Services. A manufacturer may not sell or allow sale of their drugs in Oregon unless they have an operating, approved take-back program.


Status: Passed Type: Law Date: June, 2007

SB 707, signed into law on June 7, 2007, amends the existing law by adding water and flavored water to the list of beverage containers included in the bill. The bill also created a nine-member Task Force to address issues including redemption centers, coverage of other beverage containers, increasing the deposit and implementing handling fees. Currently, distributors keep 100% of the unredeemed deposits and do not pay a handling fee to retailers. In October 2008, the task force released...

Status: Passed Type: Bill Date: June, 2007

HB 2626, signed into law on June 7, 2007, establishes a statewide system for collection, transportation and recycling of certain electronic devices. The law requires all manufacturers of covered electronic devices (CEDs) to provide collection and recycling or pay for a program contracted by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). 

The manufacturer program is provided by a single manufacturer, or group of manufacturers. The contractor...

Status: Passed Type: Resolution Date: February, 2006

In 2006, the City of Portland and Multnomah County passed Resolution 06-073, the Toxics Reduction Strategy. The strategy is a plan for minimizing toxic substances of concern in government operations by using the precautionary principle. A Progress Report was issued on October 16, 2008 that outlines the initial actions that were undertaken by...

Status: Passed Type: Law Date: August, 2003

SB 867B, signed into law on August 22, 2003, directed an advisory committee to examine the reuse and recycling of electronic products and report the findings to the Legislative Assembly. The Oregon Advisory Committee Report 2005 (PDF file, 1.4MB), includes analysis of the different electronics reuse and recycling infrastructures in Oregon.