Interest in mattress stewardship has grown in recent years due to increasing disposal costs and the recognition that most mattress components are recyclable. Legislation and policies governing mattresses were introduced in three states, Canada, and France in 2011-2012. In December 2013, CalPSC released a Mattress Recycling White Paper (PDF).

Product Stewardship Institute (PSI)

PSI organized and facilitated a year-long dialog on mattress recycling and disposal in 2010-2011, which culminated in the introduction of a mattress stewardship bill (SB-89) in Connecticut’s General Assembly.

The mattress industry trade association, the ISPA, opposed state legislation in 2012 but supported it in 2013, while PSI highlighted the job benefits of such legislation.

International Sleep Products Association (ISPA)

The ISPA, the mattress industry trade association, announced in March 2012 its intention to seek national mattress recycling legislation. The ISPA maintains a useful list of U.S. and Canadian recycling facilities.

The ISPA is a founding member of the Product Management Alliance (PMA), an organization representing industry associations advocating in opposition to "government policies that mandate extended producer responsibility" (PDF). The PMA was founded to "promote and protect free-market product stewardship solutions" and its members include associations from the carpet, electronics, industrial equipment, mattresses, packaging, paper, personal goods, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and yellow pages industries.

King County LinkUp and the Take it Back Network

LinkUp is working to develop markets for the dismantling and recycling of mattresses and their components. Local recyclers, retailers, and other organizations gathered for a Mattress Recycling Summit in 2011 and 2014 to discuss ways to increase the availability and convenience of recycling mattresses. The Take it Back Network partnered with local businesses for mattress collection and recycling beginning in December 2012. Visit LinkUp for reports, news, and other resources.