Oregon E-Cycles Legislation (HB 2626)

June, 2007

HB 2626, signed into law on June 7, 2007, establishes a statewide system for collection, transportation and recycling of certain electronic devices. The law requires all manufacturers of covered electronic devices (CEDs) to provide collection and recycling or pay for a program contracted by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). 

The manufacturer program is provided by a single manufacturer, or group of manufacturers. The contractor program is overseen by DEQ and may be administered by a third party. Manufacturers participating in the contractor program are required to pay a recycling fee to DEQ in addition to the registration fee, to cover the costs of collecting, transporting, and recycling its share of electronic devices. Manufacturers are required to register annually with the DEQ and must indicate their intent to participate in a manufacturer program or the contractor program. The law prohibits charging a fee for collection of the CEDs.

Retailers will only be able to sell electronic equipment manufactured by companies registered with DEQ. Retailers will also be required to display and provide consumers with information on where and how to recycle their electronic devices.

The law encourages the design of covered electronic devices that are more resource-efficient, more recyclable and less environmentally toxic. See the Electronics Programs webpage for additional information about the law and its implementation.