Legislation: Oregon

Status: Passed Type: Policy Date: June, 2012

In 2008, the Northwest Product Stewardship Council and California Product Stewardship Council released joint Framework Principles for Product Stewardship Policy (PDF file, 92KB). Since that time, the Vermont Product Stewardship Council, British Columbia Product Stewardship Council, ...

Status: Passed Type: Policy Date: January, 2010

The Reusable Packaging Association approved a position statement on Product Stewardship Policy and Framework Principles in January 2010. (PDF file, 27 KB)

Status: Passed Type: Policy Date: October, 2009

The Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) released a framework policy document in October 2009. (PDF file, 60 KB)

Status: Passed Type: Resolution Date: July, 2009

The National Association of Counties adopted a resolution in 2008 supporting an Extended Producer Responsibility Framework Approach (PDF file, 11KB) and readopted it in 2009.  The resolution supports the creation of effective producer-lead reduction, reuse and recycling programs, to deal with a product’s lifecycle impacts from design through end of life management, without relying solely on state and local governments. In addition, the...

Status: Failed Type: Bill Date: February, 2009

HB 3060, introduced into the Oregon State Legislature in February 2009, would require the producers of covered products to submit a product stewardship plan to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Products identified include rechargeable batteries and lighting products that contain mercury. The producers must offer take back of their products at no cost to the user when the products are brought in for recycling.

The plan must include a description of the system...

Status: Passed Type: Law Date: August, 2003

SB 867B, signed into law on August 22, 2003, directed an advisory committee to examine the reuse and recycling of electronic products and report the findings to the Legislative Assembly. The Oregon Advisory Committee Report 2005 (PDF file, 1.4MB), includes analysis of the different electronics reuse and recycling infrastructures in Oregon.