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Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Modernization in U.S. House

Update and reauthorization of TSCA continues to gain momentum in Congress. In the U.S. Senate, the Frank Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (S. 697, known as the "Vitter-Udall bill") has 40 diverse co-sponsors at this writing. The U.S.

Tour Recycling Processing Facility in Tacoma

JMK Fibers handles recyclables from single stream curbside collection and other materials from throughout the Puget Sound region. PAC NEXT and Waste Management are sponsoring a tour of and networking lunch at JMK Fibers in Tacoma on June 23, 2015: there is a $30 fee to cover costs, including lunch.

Washington Paint Stewardship Bill Passes House

Substitute House Bill 1571 passed out of the House Environment Committee on Feb. 12, 2015 with an amendment to exempt the paint stewardship assessment from the B&O tax; watch TVW video of the Feb. 5 hearing (~40-minutes).

Why Product Stewardship?

Watch Craig Lorch, owner of Total Reclaim and EcoLights Northwest, articulate product stewardship's purpose in 60-seconds of testimony before the Feb. 5 House Environment Committee hearing on paint stewardship (HB 1571):

The Goal of EPR

In a Next City article, Who Will Pay America’s $1.5 Billion Recycling Bill?, Matt Prindiville of Upstream provides this concise summary of extended producer responsibility (EPR)'s purpose:

LightRecycle Washington On to a Running Start

With 249 collection sites across the state, 185 sites collect all covered products (bulbs, tubes and HIDs) and 64 sites collect CFLs only (compact fluorescent lamps). More sites will be added in the future. In the first six weeks since the Jan. 1 program start, 250 boxes of lights have been recycled and there were more than 1,000 searches of Ecology’s 1-800-Recycle site.

Two Voices on Retail Take Back

UPSTREAM published a three-part series by Dennis Kinsey about the CHANGES recycling centres in British Columbia and the challenges of retail take back of recyclables.

Product Stewardship and Coordinated Prevention Grants: FAQ

With LightRecycle Washington underway, Washington local governments may have questions about how the program affects Coordinated Prevention Grants (CPG): read the Washington Dept. of Ecology's FAQ on CPG and Product Stewardship.

Financing Recycling with Producer Responsibility

As garbage tonnage decreases, so does the revenue to fund recycling programs. UPSTREAM (formerly PPI), while acknowledging that the "100% producer-financed and controlled model" of product stewardship is controversial, highlights other creative solutions to finance recycling and infrastructure improvements on their Upstream blog.