Zero Waste Washington phthalates project

Nonprofit and NWPSC member Zero Waste Washington (ZWW) is working on a project to identify and reduce phthalates from outdoor products in proximity to two Superfund sites in Puget Sound. ZWW will test outdoor products (such as street paint, building caulking, fencing material, traffic cones, etc.) for phthalate concentrations and conduct outreach to businesses and agencies about alternative products that contain low/no phthalates. The project will be overseen by an Advisory Committee of agencies who conduct source control activities in the Seattle Duwamish River and Tacoma Commencement Bay cleanup areas. The goals are to reduce phthalates input into stormwater and improve source control, reduce impacts to humans who use the products, and provide information that can be used locally and nationally as we move away from toxic chemicals in products which cause impacts both during use and at end of the life of those products.