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DEA Takes Back Tons of Unwanted Medicines in Pacific Northwest

During the April 26, 2014 National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and local law enforcement agencies collected a total of 15.9 tons of prescription medications from WA, ID, OR, and AK residents. In Washington, 89 collection sites removed 8.3 tons from circulation, and in Oregon, 43 collection sites removed 3.9 tons.

Dropped drug-disposal law is victory for pharmaceutical industry - article

California Senate Bill 1014, which would have required pharmaceutical companies to create and fund a statewide drug take-back program, was shelved by its author due to opposition, according to an April 16, 2014 article in the Seattle P-I.

Job: Washington Mercury Stewardship

The Washington Dept. of Ecology is hiring an Environmental Specialist to implement the Mercury-containing lights recycling/product stewardship program in Lacey, WA. For job description and details, apply (via for the Mercury Product Stewardship Specialist (Environmental Specialist 4) until May 2, 2014.

Article - Why Do North American EPR Packaging Programs Include Printed Paper?

Noting recent reports, Bill Sheehan highlights the differences between packaging EPR programs in Canada and Europe, in an April 15, 2014 column for UPSTREAM (formally Product Policy Institute): Why Do North American EPR Packaging Programs Include Printed Paper?

Report identifies global best practices for packaging EPR - article

PAC NEXT and the Product Stewardship Institute released a report on extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging (PDF), which examined eleven programs in Canada, Europe and Australia.

Plastic is Last Frontier of Recycling

Former founder and CEO of MBA Polymers Mike Biddle said his company does not operate in the US because of the lack of a secure supply of plastic waste, unlike the predictability and robust collection system provided by Europe's extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws, according to a Feb. 26, 2014 article in The Guardian.

How Too Little Garbage Threatens Recycling in Germany

A Feb. 18, 2014 article in TreeHugger explains the tension between recyclers and incinerators in Germany over the successful Green Dot recycling program.

Seattle Mariners become e-Stewards Enterprise

The Mariners became the first professional sports team recognized for their commitment to using responsible e-Stewards certified electronics recyclers, according to a Feb. 10, 2014 article in Recycling Today.

Minnesota: bottle bill or EPR?

A Resource Recycling article from Jan. 15, 2014, highlights the difference between two approaches under consideration in Minnesota.

Recycling cannot meet the demand for rare metals: article

"A more holistic approach is needed" to track and manage the flows of rare earth (or technology) metals used in modern technology, according to a Dec. 31, 2013 article in the journal Nature.