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E-Cycle Washington Turns Five

E-Cycle Washington, the manufacturer-run and financed electronics product stewardship program, marked its fifth year in operation, recycling over 200 million pounds of TVs, computers, and monitors.

Alameda County Takes On Pharmaceutical Companies Over Drug Disposal

Capital Public Radio covers Alameda County's ordinance requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to design and finance a drug take back program and PhRMA's efforts to challenge the law.

PhRMA Lawsuit Against Alameda County Denied

US District Court denies lawsuit by pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to halt Alameda County's medicine take-back ordinanceSJ Mercury News article and

Cities Pay to Clean-up Litter, Prevent Trash

Americans "discard far more plastic than we recycle or reuse, much of it into rivers, lakes, beaches and, ultimately, the ocean," according to the NRDC in a piece in the LA Times. The NRDC found that California cities spend significant money to clean-up litter and prevent trash from entering waterways, and some cities are considering EPR legislation for packaging.

Eco-Fees: Changing 'Visibility Concerns' to 'Visible Change'

Call2Recycle CEO Carl Smith wrote an Aug. 28, 2013 op-ed piece in Environmental Leader on eco-fees, stewardship programs and encouraging environmentally friendly product design.

Cost-Benefit Study of EPR - Recycling Reinvented

Recycling Reinvented released the first of three working papers by Reclay StewardEdge, as part of a study to help better understand and evaluate the possible impacts of implementing a state-level EPR system for consumer packaging and printed paper (PPP) in the U.S.

Oregon PaintCare Made Permanent

The Oregon Legislature made the PaintCare paint stewardship program permanent in passing HB 2048 in 2013. The Register-Guard, in an Aug. 4 article, details improvements in paint recycling convenience, collection, and enforcement.

Eco Fees and Product Stewardship

Are product stewardship organizations and visible eco-fees in danger of extinction in Ontario? Thursday, July 18, 12-1pm Pacific, join a special conference call with the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, and Ontario Tire Stewardship. Due to the importance of this topic, PSI is offering free access to this call: contact Julia Jonas-Day to sign-up. Space is limited.

Product Stewardship Jobs

Oregon E-Cycles, CARE, Product Policy Institute, and PaintCare are hiring product stewardship positions... (read more)