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Take Back Your Meds

Take Back Your Meds is a group of health organizations, police, drugstores, local governments, environmental groups, and others in Washington State who support medicine take-back programs to reduce access to highly-addictive drugs, reduce the risk of poisonings, and reduce environmental contamination. These organizations support the creation of a secure, statewide medicine return program for unwanted medicines from households that is financed by pharmaceutical manufacturers, and that does not rely on state and local government funding.

In this short YouTube video, Thurston County Sheriff Snaza talks about why Washington needs a statewide medicine take-back system that is financed by the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Sheriff Snaza protects his community by operating six sites where people can drop off their unwanted medicines. In 2010, they collected over 2000 pounds of drugs but they don’t have sustainable funding to keep the take-back program going, or to promote it widely