Medicines Presentations

NWPSCSecure Medicine Return Legislation: A Producer Responsibility Approach (PPT).

Northwest Product Stewardship Council. November 2008.

Oregon Pharmaceutical Take Back Stakeholder Group

In October 2006, a group of stakeholders formed a working group to study the disposal of unwanted and unused drugs from households and care facilities in Oregon. Stakeholders included experts ranging from law and drug enforcement; public water agencies; pharmaceutical groups; environmental organizations; medical, health care, recycling and poison center representatives; and city and county governments. The stakeholders researched and analyzed existing and proposed drug take back programs with the intent of recommending a take-back program for Oregon that is effective, fair, and economical, and includes both controlled and routine drugs.

In July 2007, the Oregon Pharmaceutical Take Back Stakeholder Group Final Report (PDF) was released. The report includes background on drug take back programs, an overview of the regulatory framework, a survey of existing drug take back programs, Oregon program options, subgroup findings, and Oregon program funding options and recommendations.