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Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

Senator Udall and Representative Lowenthal introduced the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act to the U.S. Congress in February 2020.

Canada's plan for zero plastic waste by 2030

Canada is planning for "a ban on harmful single-use plastic items where there is evidence that they are found in the environment, are often not recycled, and have readily available alternatives.

Plastic packaging EPR in Canada

An article in the June 2020 journal Waste Management examined extended producer responsibility (EPR) and plastic packaging in Canada (Implementation of harmonized EPR strategies to incentivize recovery of single-use plastic packaging waste in Canada).

The Plastics Policy Inventory

A policy analysis from Duke University, 20 Years of Government Responses to the Global Plastic Pollution Problem: The Plastics Policy Inventory, compiled an "inventory of nearly 300 sub-national, national and international policies instituted between 2000 and mid-2019 to target plastic po

New Medicine and Paint Stewardship programs to begin 2020-2021

In the coming months, two new statewide producer responsibility programs are set to begin in Washington, and one in Oregon.

Carpet stewardship organization struggles to meet recycling target

The California Carpet Stewardship program's 2019 recycling rate was 19%, below the 24%-by-January-2020 requirement set by law. The program is operated by CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort), a stewardship organization formed by carpet manufacturers to fund and run the program, and overseen by CalRecycle.

Mattress recycling research grants available

The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC), the manufacturer-run stewardship organization which operates the Bye Bye Mattress recycling program in Connecticut, California, and Rhode Island, seeks proposals for recycled materials market development (open through 2020) and life cycle analysis of mattress r

Packaging in COVID

In June 2020, more than 100 health experts from around the world wrote in a statement that "reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene," and included a list of best practices for reusable products in retail.

Jobs in product stewardship October 2020

PaintCare is hiring two program coordinators for Washington state. Responsibilities will include developing partnerships with program stakeholders and identifying, recruiting, and training paint drop-off locations.