The NWPSC currently operates as an unincorporated association of members and does not have a formal legal organizational structure. The Council is comprised of the following membership levels:

Read the vision, mission, and problem statement of the NWPSC.

Council Subcommittees

The Council focuses its work on products that meet specific criteria. Work is conducted via committees comprised of Steering Committee Members, Associates and other stakeholders. There are nine active committees and an Oregon-specific policy committee.

Product selection is based on the following criteria:

  • The cost to local governments for the handling and disposal of the products;
  • The quantity of the products entering the waste stream;
  • The toxicity of the product throughout the lifecycle of the product;
  • The potential for private sector participation in voluntary product stewardship programs and activities;
  • The potential for mandatory action or legislative support to encourage the development of product stewardship programs;
  • The potential for innovation in design that results in an environmentally-sound and sustainable product.