Washington product stewardship bills 2021

Washington needs producer responsibility (YouTube screen shot)The 2021 Washington Legislature, which runs Jan. 11 to April 26, will consider a packaging producer responsibility bill. 

SB 5022, and its companion HB 1118concerning the management of certain materials to support recycling and waste and litter reduction, would create a coordinated, transparent statewide system for recycling, processing, and market development that is funded by the producers of packaging and paper products (PPP). The bill would create a circular economy for PPP in Washington, increase the amount of materials that are collected and recycled responsibly, create new markets by requiring producers to use the materials in new products and packaging, enhance the domestic processing infrastructure, reduce greenhouse gases, and create new jobs in Washington. Watch and share about why Washington needs producer responsibility (YouTube). And visit the NWPSC Packaging webpage for more information. 

Right to Repair bill HB 1212 is under consideration.
SB 5174 would require manufacturers to finance the takeback and recycling of wind turbine blades. Visit Zero Waste Washington to learn more about other legislation.