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Metro Inks Deal With Miller For Distribution of Recycled Paint Across Pacific Northwest

Miller Paint agrees to buy "at least 40,000 gallons of recycled paint from [Oregon] Metro each year through 2017." For more on paint stewardship, see the Council's paint page.

Oregon Drafts Materials Management Plan

After a series of stakeholder work sessions, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has drafted 2050 Vision and Framework for Action, an action plan and update to the state’s solid waste management plan. DEQ is seeking input on the draft through August 24.

Safe Chemicals Act Passes Senate Committee

The Safe Chemicals Act would revise the federal Toxic Substances Control Act and require the disclosure of more information about chemicals in products.

California Approves Paint Stewardship Plan

CalRecycle approved the American Coatings Association’s (ACA) PaintCare California Architectural Paint Stewardship Program Plan. The PaintCare program will begin October 19. See the ACA website for more information.

Alameda County Passes Medicine Return Ordinance

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the nation’s first ordinance requiring medicine manufacturers to create and fund a medicine take back program.

Ecology Invites Public Comment on Proposed Rule for Mercury Lights Stewardship Program

The Washington Department of Ecology proposes adopting a rule that is necessary to carry out the law creating the state Mercury-Containing Lights Product Stewardship Program. Ecology invites the public to comment on the proposed rule until August 14. For more on the law, see the Council's Mercury Legislation page.

Battery Manufacturers Seek Stewardship Organization

The Corporation for Battery Recycling (CBR - primary battery manufacturers Energizer, Duracell, Panasonic, and Rayovac) issued a RFP for a stewardship organization – see for more information. Proposals are due August 3. CBR states that it will "launch a voluntary, national program for primary battery collection and recycling" in April 2013.

Alameda County Medicine Return Ordinance Passes First Reading

On July 10, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted to pass the first reading of an ordinance requiring medicine manufacturers to create and fund a medicine take back program. Read the text of the ordinance (PDF).

Mattresses and Product Stewardship

The California Senate passed SB 1118 on May 31, as a mattress recycling bill, and the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources amended and passed the bill as a stewardship bill on July 2. SB 1118, as amended, would require that mattress manufacturers create and finance plans for mattress collection and recycling by 2013.

Chicago Tribune Investigates Flame Retardants

The Chicago Tribune is featuring a series of articles, videos, and graphics on the toxic chemicals in flame retardants, industry involvement, and ongoing regulatory and policy failures. Also, visit the Council’s Chemicals product stewardship page.