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Alameda County Medicine Return Ordinance Passes First Reading

On July 10, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted to pass the first reading of an ordinance requiring medicine manufacturers to create and fund a medicine take back program. Read the text of the ordinance (PDF).

Mattresses and Product Stewardship

The California Senate passed SB 1118 on May 31, as a mattress recycling bill, and the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources amended and passed the bill as a stewardship bill on July 2. SB 1118, as amended, would require that mattress manufacturers create and finance plans for mattress collection and recycling by 2013.

Chicago Tribune Investigates Flame Retardants

The Chicago Tribune is featuring a series of articles, videos, and graphics on the toxic chemicals in flame retardants, industry involvement, and ongoing regulatory and policy failures. Also, visit the Council’s Chemicals product stewardship page.

Product Policy Institute blog: Why the current municipal recycling system can’t deliver the goods

A May 31 column on the Product Policy Institute blog, by North Carolina Recycling Program Director Scott Mouw, Running to stand still: Why the current municipal recycling system can’t deliver the goods, looks at recycling and extended producer responsibility (EPR) and asks: "In a classic capitalistic system, when demand rises, economic law dictates that suppliers will respond.

Rhode Island Passes Paint Stewardship Bill

A bill requiring paint producers to create and implement a paint stewardship program passed both the Rhode Island Senate and House and was signed into law by the Governor. The paint industry (the American Coatings Association) testified in favor of this legislation.