Washington Battery Stewardship Activities

Washington Battery Stewardship Activities

The 2013 Washington Small Rechargeable Battery Stewardship Act was introduced Jan. 24, 2013, but did not move out of the Senate before the 2013 session cutoff date. The bill will be carried forward into the 2014 legislative session, which began January 13, 2014.

Tools for Local Government Support of Rechargeable Battery Stewardship

The NWPSC has created a sample resolution, letter in support of a rechargeable battery stewardship system and fact sheets for use by local governments. These Word documents can be customized for your local government or jurisdiction:

Industry Support for Rechargeable Battery Stewardship

Call2Recycle is the rechargeable battery industry's voluntary stewardship program that is supporting a bill to authorize the rechargeable battery industry to manage and finance the recycling of used rechargeable batteries. Call2Recycle created the following factsheets: