Transforming the Pacific Northwest's waste and recycling system

CSI report cover imageIn May 2020, the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) released a report, From Waste Management to Clean Materials, A 2040 Blueprint for PNW Leadership, a "blueprint for the Pacific Northwest to transform its increasingly outdated solid waste management system by 2040, at a time when waste leaders are grappling with the most profound set of challenges they have faced in forty years."

The report "proposes that Oregon and Washington policymakers build on the best of EPR recycling programs in BC and elsewhere, to adopt more comprehensive, next-generation EPR (EPR 2.0) that requires producers not simply to improve recycling," but to optimize continuous improvement.

CSI discussed the report in a June 18 webinar / release event (YouTube). Members of the Northwest Product Stewardship Council contributed to the report.