Single-use propane cylinder bill vetoed

In 2022, the California legislature passed SB 1256 banning the sale of disposable one-pound propane (camp stove) cylinders beginning in 2028 - however, Governor Newson vetoed the bill due to concerns with inhibiting "the success of building a circular system in California." In an August 2022 letter to the Governor, the California Product Stewardship Council, National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC), and other supporters, cited the "existing exchange and refilling infrastructure" for one-pound cylinders in California through Refuel Your Fun, as well as the similar, decades-old infrastructure for 5-gallon BBQ style propane tank refill and exchange, as reason for supporting the bill.
Meanwhile, in May 2022, Connecticut became the first state to pass an EPR law for consumer gas cylinders (those greater than 0.5lbs but not exceeding 50lbs)HB 5142.