RENEW Act EPR bill coming in 2022

In the upcoming 2022 Washington State legislative session, a bill to modernize residential recycling in Washington will be introduced, called the RENEW Act. The bill builds upon SB 5022 and HB 1118 from the last legislative session and includes extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging and paper products (PPP).

The RENEW Act would require producers to fund and coordinate a responsible statewide recycling system that increases reuse and recycling, and provides universal and convenient recycling for all residents across the state. It would also require that all packaging and paper products are reusable, recyclable, or compostable. The bill would create a circular economy for PPP in Washington, increase the amount of materials that are collected and recycled responsibly, create new markets by requiring producers to use the materials in new products and packaging, enhance the domestic processing infrastructure, reduce greenhouse gases, and create new jobs in Washington.