Legislation: British Columbia

Status: Passed Type: Policy Date: June, 2012

In 2008, the Northwest Product Stewardship Council and California Product Stewardship Council released joint Framework Principles for Product Stewardship Policy (PDF file, 92KB). Since that time, the Vermont Product Stewardship Council, British Columbia Product Stewardship Council, ...

Status: Type: Other Date: October, 2009

The NWPSC published a descriptive review of stewardship programs, legislation and regulations of each of the Canadian provinces in a report Product Stewardship in Canada: Legislative Framework of Provincial Programs (PDF file, 1.42MB).  Several Canadian provinces, including British Columbia, have framework legislation that establishes a process for the selection of products and involvment by stakeholders in the implementation of product stewardship systems. 

Status: Passed Type: Law Date: October, 2004

On October 7, 2004, British Columbia passed the Recycling Regulation of the Environmental Management Act (B.C. Reg. 449/2004), a single, results-based framework that engages industry in new ways by shifting responsibility for environmentally sound product end-of-life management and recycling to producers and consumers.

The Act requires producers of designated products to submit a stewardship plan for approval by the BC Ministry of Environment.  All producers are...