Oregon New Provisions for Beverage Containers (SB 1508)

April, 2012

SB 1508Relating to beverage containers; creating new provisions; amending ORS 459.992; and declaring an emergency, passed and was signed into law in April 2012. The bill made minor changes to the major adjustments that were made to the Bottle Bill in 2007 and 2011. In 2007, water bottles were added and larger stores, primarily grocers, were required to take back all covered containers, not just what they sold. These changes led to the merging of several existing distributor cooperatives into a larger one. SB 1508 sets some ground rules for cooperatives and allows grocers to simplify their back room sorts and deal with a single cooperative. The bill also adds reporting procedures to allow calculation of container return rates - a feature needed as the 2011 expansion to all containers depends on when certain targets are met.