Oregon E-Cycles Amendment (SB 82)

June, 2011

SB 82, signed into law in June 2011, amends HB 2626, the Oregon E-Cycles program, to include, beginning in January 2015, printers and computer peripherals (corded and wireless keyboards and mice) as covered electronic devices (or CEDs). Effective immediately, the law also establishes recycling credits for programs which recycle an amount that exceeds their annual return share (one recycling credit for each pound of covered electronic devices collected, transported and recycled in excess of the program’s return share by weight for a calendar year). In addition, a program "may retain all or part of its recycling credits or may sell any portion of its recycling credits to another program at a price negotiated by the parties," and "a manufacturer program may use recycling credits earned or purchased to meet up to 15 percent of its return share by weight during any calendar year."