California Mattress Stewardship Bill (SB 1118)

February, 2012

SB 1118, the Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act, failed to pass. The bill was supported by Waste Management, Recology, Republic Services, Inc., the California Retailers Association and others (according to the bill's sponsor (PDF)). SB 1118 would have required that mattress manufacturers "develop, finance, and implement a convenient and cost-effective program to collect and recycle waste mattresses" by 2013, including requirements for retailers, reporting, recycling targets, an annual administrative fee to CalRecycle, and penalties. SB 1118 passed the California Senate on May 31, the California Assembly Committee on Natural Resources on July 2, where it was amended as a product stewardship bill, and the Assembly Appropriations Committee on August 16.  August 31 was the deadline to pass legislation. See bill analysis for further details and Bed Times Magazine for industry's reaction.