California Hazardous Chemical Regulation (AB 1879)

September, 2008

AB 1879 (PDF file, 170KB) signed into law on September 29, 2008, requires the state Department of Toxic Substances Control to establish a process to identify and regulate hazardous chemicals. The bill requires the department to prepare a life-cycle evaluation for all chemicals which would be submitted to the California Environmental Policy Council for review.

The department is also required to adopt regulations to establish a process to limit exposure or to reduce the level of hazardous chemicals. The regulations are required to specify actions that the department may take following the completion of the analysis, such as imposing requirements for labeling or other type of product information, controlling access to or limiting exposure, imposing requirements for manufacturers to manage the product at the end of its useful life (including recycling or responsible disposal) and funding green chemistry challenge grants. The bill also creates an advisory panel of scientists to guide chemicals policy and establish regulations for analyzing greener alternatives. See the bill's legislative history for more information.