California Architectural Paint Recovery Program (AB 1343)

September, 2010

AB 1343, signed into law in 2010, requires manufacturers of architectural paint to establish and finance an architectural paint recovery program. A manufacturer of architectural paint solid in California must, individually or through a stewardship organization, submit an architectural paint stewardship plan on or before April 1, 2012 for approval by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). Plans must be implemented three months after approval by the department. Required program components include developing and implementing strategies to reduce the generation of postconsumer paint, promoting the reuse of postconsumer paint, and managing postconsumer paint end-of-life through collection, transportation, processing, and disposal.

Paint stewardship programs are funded by manufacturers through a uniform paint stewardship assessment approved by CalRecycle. The assessment must be added to the cost of all architectural paint sold to California retailers and distributors. Retailers and distributors would be required to add the assessment to the purchase price of all architectural paint sold in the state.

CalRecycle is responsible for monitoring paint stewardship programs and enforcing compliance. Manufacturers or stewardship organizations are required to pay fees to the department to cover administrative costs.

Introduced in 2009, AB 1343 passed the California legislature and was approved by the Governor in 2010. See the CalRecycle website for more information on their Paint Stewardship Program and law.