Canada ESBC Stewardship Plan (2006-2007)

December, 2007

Electronic Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC), an industry group created to promote "industry-led solutions" to the e-waste problem, collaborated with retailers, local government, non-profits, environmental groups, the general public and other interested parties to submit the ESBC Stewardship Plan (PDF file, 2.8MB), which was approved in December 2006 and took effect in 2007. The ESABC (the Electronics Stewardship Association of British Columbia) contracted with an already existing not-for-profit stewardship organization, Encorp Pacific Ltd., to provide administrative and collection services for the program. The stewardship program is financed by environmental handling fees paid by the consumers at point of sale. Fees vary by product due to the variability in recycling costs for each product. The plan establishes a convenient collection system for recycling electronic products and a public education program. Processors are required to meet qualification standards established by the ESABC.