British Columbia 2004 Recycling Regulation Ammendment (BC Reg. 449/2004)

July, 2011

The 2004 Recycling Regulation (B.C. Reg. 449/2004) replaced the 1997 Beverage Container Product Stewardship Program Regulation (which replaced the 1970 Litter Act, which required manufacturers and retailers to participate in a deposit system to encourage the return of many types of beverage containers). In May 2011, the Recycling Regulation was amended to include Schedule 5, the Packaging and Printed Paper Product Category, which, according to the June 2011 compliance notification (PDF), requires the submission of a stewardship plan to the Ministry by November 19, 2012, and implementation by May 19, 2014. The regulation requires all beverage brand-owners of ready-to-drink beverages (excluding milk containers which are collected at the curb) sold in the province to implement a mandatory, provincial-wide deposit-refund collection system. Three third-party industry steward associations run the collection system. The government is responsible for monitoring and setting performance standards. The current regulation sets an 85% recovery goal for brand-owners. Visit the BC Ministry of Environment’s Packaging and Printed Paper Product Stewardship website for more information.