British Columbia Light Recycle Program

July, 2012

In April, 2008, British Columbia expanded the number of regulated products included in its provincial Recycling Regulation to include fluorescent lamps and thermostats. The Recycling Regulation requires industry to collect and recycle any regulated products it manufactures or sells.

In August 2009, a draft stewardship plan for residential use fluorescent lamps was developed by Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Association of Canada (EEMAC), an industry council of Electro Federation of Canada. EEMAC appointed Product Care Association, as the program manager for the plan and consultation process.

Product Care's BC Light Recycle program began for residential-use fluorescent lamps in 2010 and expanded to include all lamps, ballasts and fixtures from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors on July 1, 2012. Visit Product Care’s BC Light Recycle program website for further program information and the BC Recycling Regulation.