Oregon Packaging Stewardship Activities

HB 2065relating to modernizing Oregon's recycling system, would require producers of covered products to join a producer responsibility organization, submit a program plan to the Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and to reimburse local governments for certain expenses, among other requirements of a statewide EPR system for consumer brands and packaging producers.

DEQ convened a Recycling Steering Committee (RSC) to "consider alternatives and ultimately recommend a path forward to modernize our recycling system. After two years of hard work, the RSC recommended a holistic shared responsibility framework that addresses the challenges in our decades-old recycling system and creates an effective, stable and resilient system for the future." In September 2020, the Oregon RSC released a recommended concept for modernizing Oregon's recycling system (PDF), which included a statewide EPR system for consumer brands and packaging producers and became HB 2065.

The Oregon Legislature may also consider another packaging EPR bill, HB 2592.

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