Washington Packaging Stewardship Activities

HB 1204 and SB 5397, concerning the responsible management of plastic packaging, would create a plastic packaging stewardship program in Washington state.

NWPSC Activities: Packaging

The NWPSC Packaging Subcommittee tracks recycling programs for packaging and printed paper that are financed by the product manufacturers.  These programs have been implemented in many countries as a way to increase recycling rates and to provide a stable financing mechanism.  View the reports and fact sheets developed by the Subcommittee. 

Packaging Videos

EPR for packaging in Rhode Island: Upstream testimony

In March 2016 testimony before a Rhode Island House committee (YouTube video), Jamie Rhodes of Upstream articulated the fairness and choice that extended producer responsibility (EPR) would bring to existing recycling systems:

Packaging Presentations

Life Cycle Assessment presentation to the Northwest Product Stewardship Council (NWPSC) steering committee

GreenBlue presented an introduction to Life Cycle Assessment, sustainable packaging and recycling decisions (PDF) to the Northwest Product Stewardship Council on March 18, 2019.