Supreme Court lets stand California ruling holding lead paint makers responsible for cleanup cost

LA Times, Oct. 15, 2018: "The Supreme Court on Monday dealt a defeat to business groups in a closely watched California case, rejecting appeals of a ruling that requires former makers of lead paint to pay $400 million or more to clean up old homes."
"Business groups fear that the decision will lead to more lawsuits holding producers accountable for harms their products cause. The fear is not unfounded. Municipalities are already seeking compensation from other industries for impacts due to climate change and the opioid crisis... The struggle over who should pay for the impacts of lead paint is a classic case of producer responsibility. The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) encourages all industries to embrace a product stewardship approach, especially for products that pose known threats, before communities are driven to seek compensation for damages." – from PSI's Nov. 2, 2018 newsletter.