Recycled paint manufacturers form first association for burgeoning industry

April 1, 2019, Product Stewardship Institute and IPRA press release: "An alliance of North American recycled paint manufacturers has launched the International Paint Recycling Association (IPRA) to promote the quality, availability, and value of recycled latex paint.

IPRA is the first organization to represent the recycled paint industry, which over the past two decades has recycled more than 30 million gallons of unused household latex paint into first-rate coatings for residential and commercial markets. Twelve founding members with operations in more than 20 states and multiple Canadian provinces are combining their experience and expertise to highlight the role of recycled paint as a key component of the circular economy for architectural coatings. About 10% of all paint purchased in the U.S. – about 78 million gallons per year – goes unused. About 80% of this paint is latex (water based), which can be turned into high quality recycled paint for use in a wide range of interior and exterior applications."