PSI 2015 Annual Forum Recognizes Stewardship Leaders

At the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) 2015 annual forum in Boston Dec. 8-9, experts from the United States, Germany, Belgium, and Canada discussed issues regarding zero waste, extended producer responsibility (EPR), product stewardship, and the circular economy. 2015 marked PSI's 15th anniversary and the steady growth in the product stewardship movement in the U.S. with "90 EPR laws passed on 12 products in 33 states." PSI recognized "key individual, agency, and company leaders who have achieved significant success in moving product stewardship programs and polices forward," including PaintCare, Staples, Covanta, Connecticut DEEP, and the NWPSC's own leaders:

  • Scott Klag of Metro Regional Government, OR (2015 Loyal Steward Award)
  • Dave Galvin of LHWMP and King County DNRP, WA (2015 "Gandalf" Award for Exceptional Guidance and Advising)

Over 100 people participated, according to Resource Recycling.