Product Stewardship in Washington - Jan. 2019

Washington state has 4 product stewardship laws (PDF) as of 2018:

LightRecycle (PDF): Washington's statewide mercury-containing light stewardship program, recycled over 4 million lights 2015-2018.

E-Cycle Washington (PDF): Washington's electronics stewardship program has recycled over 385 million pounds of electronics, from 300 collection sites, 2009-2018.

Secure Drug Take-Back (PDF): secure medicine return drop off kiosks are available in KingKitsapPierce, and Snohomish counties and will expand statewide, under the manufacturer funded and Department of Health overseen Safe Medication Return program, in 2019-2020.

Photovoltaic Module Stewardship: Manufacturers of solar panels (photovoltaic or "PV" modules) are required to finance a convenient and environmentally sound takeback and recycling system at no cost to the owner of the PV module – by January 2021.

According to the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) as of Dec. 2018, California has the most product stewardship laws (9), followed closely by Vermont (8) and Maine (7 laws).

Oregon has two programs (paint and electronics) while British Columbia has 12 stewardship programs with more expected soon.