Packaging EPR in California?

In January 2016, CalRecycle held a Manufacturers Challenge workshop to seek public commitments from product manufacturers and brand owners as to how they would voluntarily reduce the 8 million tons of packaging landfilled in California annually. Because the packaging industry "failed to offer up viable voluntary options to help the state significantly cut down the amount of packaging material going to disposal" CalRecycle is considering a "mandatory comprehensive, statewide packaging program." According to Resource Recycling's Sept. 14, 2016 article, rather than identify specific strategies or make proposals for financing, "most packaging stakeholders expressed a desire to continue the reliance on state and local funding" and said a goal of a 50% reduction of packaging going into landfill by 2020 was not possible. Participants at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition annual conference also discussed the topic. Resource Recycling also covered news of the workshop in January.