New Medicine and Paint Stewardship programs to begin 2020-2021

In the coming months, two new statewide producer responsibility programs are set to begin in Washington, and one in Oregon.

The Safe Medication Return program, operated by MED-Project LLC and overseen by the Washington State Dept. of Health, will give residents "free, convenient, and environmentally responsible options for disposing of unwanted medication," funded by drug manufacturers at no cost to taxpayers. And Washington will soon have a statewide paint recycling program, operated by PaintCare and overseen by the Dept. of Ecology, to make it easier for residents and some businesses to recycle their unused and unwanted paint (similar to PaintCare Oregon which has been in operation since 2010).

Likewise, Oregon is concluding rulemaking on its new Drug Take-Back program, passed into law in 2019 and set to begin in July 2021. Oregon residents will be able to return drugs free of charge at participating drop-off sites statewide, as well as by mail.