Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) rebrands as Recycle BC

Multi-Material BC (MMBC) recently rebranded to Recycle BC, to "effectively support our operations work from a marketing and communications perspective." Launched in 2014, Recycle BC is responsible for packaging and printed paper recycling, servicing over 1.7 million households (about 97% of those in the province) through curbside, multi-family or depot collection.
In an article in Recycling Product News Allen Langdon, Managing Director of Recycle BC, explained the organization:

"Recycling services are provided either directly to communities or by working in partnership with local governments, First Nations, private companies, and other non-profit organizations. 156 communities participate in Recycle BC's recycling collection program, more are serviced by our recycling depots, and each year approximately 186,000 tonnes of packaging and printed paper is collected from households and depots...
As the first 100-percent-EPR [extended producer responsibility] program for printed paper and packaging in Canada and as one of the most advanced recycling systems for these materials in the world, Recycle BC looks forward to continuing to play a critical role in the future of recycling in Canada and North America."