Moving to a zero-waste circular economy will put cash back into people's pockets

Sept. 18, 2018 Vancouver Sun: "Next time you see a loaded garbage truck headed for the landfill, imagine that it's packed full of your hard-earned cash. In effect, it is. Every year, local governments in Canada spend approximately $3.2 billion managing 34 million tonnes of waste. You pay for it in municipal taxes that could be used for better purposes.

The solution is not better waste management, it’s waste prevention. We need to design waste out of our economy, but that’s not going to happen if we remain focused on our current linear economic system of “take, make, dispose.” We must start seeing “waste” as a resource with value that can be reused as part of what is known as a circular economy. It’s not a new concept. European countries such as Finland are far advanced in adopting circularity, and in July, China and the European Union, current world leaders in circular economy policy, signed a memorandum of understanding on circular economy cooperation."