Mattress stewardship programs and illegal dumping

The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) stewardship organization, which operates programs in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and California, recently completed first year annual reports for all three programs and changed the mattress recycling fee consumers pay at the point of purchase. Highlights from MRC California's first year (2016) annual report:

  • MRC received 955,059 units and diverted 29,090,484 pounds of material from disposal.
  • MRC established 122 collection sites and held 50 collection events, while MRC's contracted recyclers also operated 11 recycling facilities.
  • MRC created the California Illegally Dumped Mattress Collection Initiative to compensate participating local governments, solid waste facilities, or solid waste operations for managing illegally dumped mattresses, and to collect baseline data to measure the impact of these efforts on reducing illegal mattress dumping in the state.
    • In 2016, this initiative collected 23,794 illegally dumped units from 40 participants located throughout 29 counties
    • More than 26,000 units have been collected in 2017 and more than 90 sites joined the initiative

For more information, visit the MRC website.