Legislative session 2020

Washington's legislature convened and adjourned on-time in 2020, and held hearings on but did not pass Batteries stewardship, Sharps stewardship, and Right to Repair bills.

The legislature did pass several other recycling related bills: Reusable Bags (signed into law); Minimum recycled content requirements (vetoed by Governor); Labeling of disposable wipes (aka Flushable Wipes: signed into law); Encouraging compost procurement and use (signed into law with a partial veto).

Read Zero Waste Washington's thorough coverage for more information.

In addition, the Washington legislature passed ESHB 2645 concerning the photovoltaic module stewardship and takeback program, which fixes loopholes in the existing solar photovoltaic stewardship law. The Governor signed this into law but vetoed a section which would have required a stakeholder work group and report to the legislature.

Oregon's 2020 legislative session was cut short for the second year in a row due to a walk-out by Republican legislators.