Involve business in ocean plastics pollution issue

July 10, 2018 Vancouver Sun: "The [Canadian environment minister Catherine McKenna] says she wants business leaders involved when she and her counterparts from other G7 nations gather in Halifax this fall to discuss how to reduce the flow of plastic waste into the oceans.

The minister said she wants to work with provinces, territories and municipalities to draft a national strategy aimed at combatting the plastics problem.

McKenna said plastics producers should also be part of the discussions in late September when she meets in Halifax with her counterparts from Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Germany.

The United States and Japan didn’t sign the so-called Oceans Plastics Charter tabled at the recent G7 meeting...
Louie Porta [of marine conservation organization Oceans North...] said industry must take responsibility for the plastics they produce — referred to as extended producer responsibility: “I hope we're going to see real progress on extended producer responsibility... (with) producers standing behind the products from the beginning to the end, so there is no waste to clean up at the end of the day.”"